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Homola Motorsport after FIA ETCC Paul RIcard

Homola Motorsport after FIA ETCC Paul RIcard

One would say that repairing the crashed race car is not such a big deal. It kinda is, read below what was it like in Team Homola Motorsport after the big crash.

Event: One quick, but bad decison – overtking in battle for the first place
Place: Paul Ricard Racing Circuit, Le Castellet, France
Date: 20. April 2014
Race Car: BMW 320TC WTCC
Race Driver: Mato Homola )
Duration: approx. 10 seconds
Consequences: damaged front part of BMW
Repair time: 3 weeks
Price: ??? (a lot)

Mato describes what happened after the crash:

  1. In France, after the crash race driver from Turkey, Aytaç Biter, borrowed us a steering knuckle so we could put the car in trailer and transport it back home.
  2. Christian Krug (BMW Motorsport) and Thomas Schiemann checked out the photos and found out which spare parts are necessary.
  3. Staff from Auto Motiv Bratislava and technical department of BMW Group Slovakia managed to order and deliver those parts.
  4. Homola s.r.o. borrowed us tools to repair our BMW on straightening bench.
  5. Jaro Krajči, Luboš Kostka, Braňo Sloboda, Jano Kundlák, Marek Vaneček, Rišo Nittnaus a Erich Achs repaired the car and put it back to life.
  6. Car painters had to paint brand new carbon parts.
  7. Our friends from Czech Republic - Křenek Motorsport – borrowed us the watercooler.
  8. My brother Ondrej Homola took the watercooler from Pilsen (CZ) and brought it to Bratislava (SK).
  9. Luboš Dudák had to put decals on the car.

I would like to thank a lot to all those above mentioned, to our fans and many others. Because only thanks to them I will be able to compete this weekend in European Touring Car Cup FIA ETCC at Slovakia Ring 08.-11.05.2014

Keep the fingers crossed!
Homola Motorsport


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