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"Víkend mojimi očami"

Mato's view on the WTCC and ETCC races at Slovakia Ring

Hello, I just wanted to share with you my emotions from the last race weekend at Slovakia Ring.

It was a weekend I was waiting for a long time.

My dream came true, another dream.

The weekend was full of emotions and experiences.

I wanted to primarily win at Slovakia Ring in front of home fans. You know home is always home. And that's why it was special.

My SEAT Leon Cup Racer is an incredible car, and as it was only the second race weekend with this car, I was very excited. And it worked well.

I wanted to win at least one race and it was just this close.

But an overall 2nd place is still close to my goal – to win FIA ETCC Championship this year.


It was also a busy weekend, with a pressure from all sides and many expectations.

Family, friends, sponsors, fans all expected a win.

But it does not end there. Number of interviews, official and not official programme, you know it is a show for the fans and everybody wants a photo, signature and to have a chat.

I was saying always that I must satisfy everyone. Personally, I would like it that way.

This weekend was however special also that I was also the first Slovak who had a chance to drive with the best race drivers on the level of WTCC. They let me join their family and I was surprised that they were asking many questions about me. And I'm talking about stars like Loeb, Monteiro, Huff, Michelisz or Catsburg.

It was just a great experience.

The most difficult was the transition from ETCC to WTCC, changing focus, all the time new car, different strategy, talks with my "SEAT" team and then international Campos team.

My family, friends and my new coach, who trains professional sportsmen, helped me a lot.

I'm very excited from P11 result in Qualifying. Everyone has inside those little moments, where you are not sure if you can compete with the best race drivers and I'm happy that I showed myself and others that I can do it. The eight best lap time in Race too was just a nice bonus.

The only thing I needed was more time, more laps and more kilometres. If there was more time, I can imagine a better result.

I believe that this time will come.

To conclude these words, I want to thank once again all of you for your help and support.

Actually this weekend I will push hard in France to with races with my SEAT.

Especially I want to thank my mum a dad.

Yours Mato.



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